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Chemistry, 7/e
Raymond Chang, Williams College

Web Links

Constants and Conversions

Fundamental Physical Constants and Conversion Factors, Freie University of Berlin

Physical constants, SI units, and conversion factors

Structure and Properties

ChemFinder, Cambridge Soft

Data on mp, bp, specific gravity, vapor density, solubility, structure, etc. of more than 60,000 compounds.

Spectral Data

Integrated Spectral Database System, National Institute of Materials and Chemical Researc...

Mass spectral, NMR (proton and carbon), and infrared spectra (under construction) of more than 10,000 compounds.

Galactic Spectral Database

Primarily Infrared spectra. Search by CAS Number, name, and formula

Themodynamic Data

The NIST Chemistry WebBook, National Institute of Science and Technology

Thermodynamic data, and infrared and mass spectra. Can search by name, formula, molecular weight, registry number.

Toxicity/Safety Data Material Safety Data Sheets

Vermont SIRI

180,000 MSDS records.

University of Kentucky Chemistry Department MSDS Resource

Contains links and info about many MSDS sites.

Periodic Chart

Periodic Table, WebElements, University of Sheffield

One of the most comprehensive periodic tables. Mirror sites at a number of institutions, including

Reaction Constants (Ka, Ksp, etc)

Tables of Chemical Data, University of Alberta

Physical constants, atomic masses, thermodynamic properties, Ka for mono and polyprotic acids, Ksp, Kf, reduction potentials.