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Meteorology, 2/e
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Meteorology 2e, like its first edition predecessor, is an introduction to atmospheric science for science and non-science majors. The text covers all topics expected of an introductory text, organized and presented in a way that offers the instructor considerable flexibility of sequence.

The authors feel this text is distinctive in three major ways. First is its clear, accurate and friendly style of presentation. Second is the considerable attention we give to the process of meteorological inquiry - the thoughts and actions of practicing meteorologists in finding out how the atmosphere behaves. Third is our careful attention to pedagogy. By grouping chapters into units, developing concepts from specific examples to general principles (and not the other way around), engaging the reader in questions, repeating explanations from earlier chapters when we feel a reminder would be helpful, pausing for review several times within each chapter, and in many other ways, we have strived to make our text a powerful learning tool, thereby helping the reader to become an active and successful learner.