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Meteorology, 2/e
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What's New

  • A chapter on atmospheric optics, whose material is entirely new to the book.

  • A chapter on air pollution, with much new material.

  • Updated coverage of many topics, such as the ASOS observing system, Doppler radar, the conveyor belt cyclone model, ENSO, Lake Effect Storms, Santa Ana winds, genetic climate classification and global warming.

  • Inclusion of a number of recent, high profile weather events such as the 1997-1998 El Niño episode, and the 1998 Quebec-New England-New York ice storm, hurricanes Mitch (1998) and Floyd (1999), the May, 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, and the December, 2000 northeast cold snap.

  • A three-chapter Special Topics section. These chapters (on global warming, atmospheric optics, and air pollution) may be read at any point after chapter 3, thus allowing the instructor considerable flexibility in topic sequence.

  • Identification of a number of sections "Going Further." Instructors may choose to assign or skip these sections, depending on the goals of their own course, without loss of continuity.

  • Dozens of new or updated illustrations.

  • Page reference numbers for end of chapter terms and glossary entries.

  • A CD that accompanies the book, providing chapter-by-chapter review of terms and concepts, animations and simulations to clarify key ideas, and in-depth explorations.

  • A custom website, specifically designed for this text. This website contains instructional support for the student, as well as extensive, annotated links to other sites the student will find relevant and informative.