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Meteorology, 2/e
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Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Multiple Choice Quiz

Choose the best answer.


How does a cumulonimbus cloud achieve charge separation?
A)Convective currents transport positive and negative ions through different sections of the cloud.
B)Differently charged precipitation particles are transported into different sections of the cloud.
C)Both a and b are valid.
D)The exact mechanism is as yet unknown.

Which of the following is not a requirement for thunderstorm development?
A)A sufficiently moist environment.
B)A sufficiently unstable environment.
C)Upward vertical motion.
D)Strong vertical wind shear.
E)All of these are necessary for thunderstorm development.

A hook echo on radar represents:
A)a definite tornado on the ground.
B)the mesocyclone within a supercell thunderstorm.
C)a wall cloud.
D)a bounded weak echo region.
E)All of the above.

Which of the following areas is most favored for waterspouts to occur?
A)Miami, Florida.
B)Omaha, Nebraska.
C)Rochester, New York.
D)Dallas, Texas.

Cars are often good protection from lightning. What makes them so?
A)The rubber in the tires and weatherstripping act as an insulator.
B)The steel skin of the body conducts the electricity away from the car's inhabitants.
C)The window glass acts as an insulator.
D)You can drive away from lightning.
E)All of the above are factors.

What differentiates a multicell thunderstorm from a supercell thunderstorm?
A)Supercells are longer lived than multicell complexes.
B)Supercells produce severe weather, while multicell thunderstorms do not.
C)Supercells are characterized by rotating updrafts.
D)Supercells only occur in the midwestern United States, while multicells occur in the northeastern U.S.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of lightning?
A)Lightning is a form of alternating current.
B)Lightning forms as a result of charge separation.
C)Lightning is a form of static electricity.
D)The visible flash of lightning typically travels from the ground to the cloud.
E)None of these is a characteristic of lightning.

The morning forecast for your area calls for hot, humid conditions during the afternoon, followed much cooler temperatures after the passage of a cold front. Which of the following would most likely be issued that morning for your area?
A)Severe thunderstorm watch.
B)Tornado watch.
C)Severe thunderstorm warning.
D)Tornado warning.
E)A and B.
F)C and D.

What differentiates air mass thunderstorms from severe thunderstorms?
A)Air mass thunderstorms occur in stable atmospheres.
B)Air mass thunderstorms feature tilted updrafts that are not affected by falling precipitation.
C)Strong vertical wind shear.
D)Severe thunderstorms do not last as long as air mass thunderstorms.
E)All of the above.

Which of the following conditions are favorable for the development of tornadic thunderstorms in a given area?
A)Fast winds that change direction sharply with height over the area of concern.
B)Warm, moist air in the lower troposphere.
C)A strong cold front approaching the area.
D)An inversion layer in the lower troposphere.
E)All of the above.
F)All of the above conditions occurring (more or less) simultaneously.

Which of the following statements is false?
A)The natural resistance of air to electricity allows lightning to form.
B)You do not have to be near a thunderstorm to be struck by lightning.
C)Lightning strikes are always fatal.
D)Lightning 'without' thunder (often called heat lightning) is lightning that is far enough from you that you do not hear the thunder.

Which of the following cities is the most climatologically favorable location for thunderstorms?
A)Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
B)Albany, New York.
C)New Orleans, Louisiana.
D)Pueblo, Colorado.

Multicell thunderstorms owe their existence to:
A)the interaction of the large-scale environment with topographic features.
B)favorable large-scale environmental conditions for thunderstorms.
C)the interaction of individual storm's downdrafts and the environmental air forming new updrafts.
D)All of the above can lead to multicell thunderstorms.
E)Multicell thunderstorms form by none of these mechanisms.

The onset of precipitation marks the beginning of a thunderstorm's _______ stage.

Most tornadoes have wind speeds:
A)in excess of 276 kts.
B)between 113 and 179 kts.
C)less than 97 kts.
D)between 180 and 226 kts.