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Meteorology, 2/e
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Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of a hurricane.
A)around 300 miles in diameter
B)winds of 65 knots or higher
C)forms over warm ocean waters
D)forms in continental tropical air

Which of the following two oceanic regions are relative immune to tropical storm formation.
A)Western North Pacific and eastern South Pacific
B)South Atlantic and eastern South Pacific
C)Indian Ocean and North Atlantic
D)South Atlantic and Indian Ocean

There is a distinct season for Atlantic hurricanes with a pronounced maximum in:
A)July and August
B)September and October
C)August and September
D)October and November

Lack of day-to-day variability in tropical weather is explained by the absence of:
A)synoptic scale circulation
B)sufficient evaporation
C)ocean currents
D)large oceanic surfaces

Which of the following is not one of the conditions identified by atmospheric scientists as being required for tropical cyclone development.
A)a preexisting, large-scale flow pattern
B)moist, unstable air
C)equatorial location
D)warm ocean surface water

Meteorologists group tropical cyclones into three main categories according to the:
A)hourly rate of precipitation
B)barometric pressure in the eye of the storm
C)diameter of the storm
D)strongest sustained surface winds in the storm

The extrapolation method of predicting the path of a tropical cyclone works best when:
A)the storms past track is curving
B)the storms past track is linear
C)the storms past track is recurving
D)the storms past track has curved and then recurved

Hurricanes have warm cores because:
A)the release of vast amounts of latent heat in showers and thunderstorms
B)adiabatic heating through subsidence in the eye
C)both "a" and "b"
D)all cyclonic systems have warm cores

The cause of the greatest number of hurricane casualties is:
A)storm surges
B)torrential rains
C)tornados spawned from the storm
D)lightening strikes

Which of the following is not one of the criteria used in the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane intensity.
A)central pressure
B)attendant damage
C)storm surge
D)rate of hourly rainfall