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Object-oriented Software Engineering: Practical Software Development using UML and Java
Timothy Lethbridge
Robert Laganiere

This book covers the essential knowledge and skills needed by a student who is specialising in software engineering. Readers will learn principles of object orientation, software development, software modelling, software design, requirements analysis, and testing. The use of the Unified Modelling Language to develop software is taught in depth. Many concepts are illustrated using complete examples, with code written in Java.

ISBN: 0077097610
Pub Date: Aug 2001

The Student Centre contains PowerPoint Slides to accompany the study of Object-oriented Software Engineering, an edited version of the solutions manual, as well as a link to the authors' web site.

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  • Solutions Manual and Code

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The authors have developed an extensive web site to accompany Object-Oriented Software Engineering, with a large range of frequently-updated resources.


Resources on this site include: