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Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Using UML, 2/e
Simon Bennett, Systems Architect with GEHE UK
Steve McRobb, Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University
Ray Farmer, Associate Dean, Coventry University

Welcome to the Online Learning Centre for Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Using UML!

Here you can find a host of information about the book, as well as a range of downloadable supplements for students and lecturers.

Request A Lecturer Copy:
If you are considering using this title for course adoption, you can request a complimentary lecturer copy by clicking here and filling in the online form.

Please note that comps can only be sent to college or university addresses within Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Lecturers outside these regions should contact their respective International Office.

Accessing the Lecturer Centre

The Lecturer Centre contains a host of chapter-by-chapter material to accompany a course using this text. It contains:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Solutions Manual (for the review questions, case study work, exercises and projects contained in the book, as well as additional questions)
  • Guide to the New Edition (for users of the previous edition)
  • Case Studies
The Lecturer Centre is for instructors and lecturers only and as such is password-protected. In order to receive the password to access the Lecturer Centre, please fill in your details on the request password page, and a McGraw-Hill representative will contact you in due course.