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Foundations of Economics, 2/e
David Begg, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

In The News

Economics in the News

Below you’ll find links to some of the top news stories about economic issues from leading current affairs sources. Use this page to stay up–to-date with economics debates and stories from around the world.

November 2002

Weakness in reserve

President Bush faces difficulties as the US economy falters

The Guardian,, November 8, 2002

European economies

How the British economy compares to its European counterparts

The Economist,, November 27, 2002

Are Britain's firemen value for money?

In the light of the fire service disputes, does Britain’s fire service offer value for money in comparison with it’s European counterparts?

The Economist,, November 28, 2002

Sweden to hold euro referendum

The people of Sweden will be deciding whether or not to adopt the Euro on 14th September 2003

BBC,, November 29, 2002

Going into debt
Full coverage of the pre-Budget report by the UK Chancellor, Gordon Brown

BBC,, November 29, 2002

Health workers offered 16% pay package

Alan Milburn, health secretary, has offered employees in the UK health service a new deal

The Guardian,, November 29, 2002

Warning signs for the Danish economy

Copenhagen Post,, November 29, 2002