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Web Quest Lesson Plan


Students have explored the topic of what brings out the best in them. In this lesson, they will learn how challenges bring out the best in people.

Lesson Description

Students will go to a Web site about portrait detectives ( Students will learn how to find clues in pictures and paintings. To do this, students will be led through an analysis of three paintings and taught how to interpret the clues in those paintings. Next they will take an interactive quiz on three more paintings to test their sleuthing skills. Once they have finished exploring the Web site, students will create a list of five clues they would include in their own portrait.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Students will use the Internet as a tool to learn about interpreting art.
  2. Students will use critical thinking skills to determine how different aspects of a painting create meaning.
  3. Students will create a list of five portrait clues they would incorporate into their own art.

Questions and Possible Answers

Write down a list of five clues that you would include in a piece of art that featured you.

Possible answers:

  1. musical instrument
  2. clothing
  3. particular colors

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