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Web Quest Lesson Plan


In this unit, students explored the topic of what makes them who they are. In this lesson, students will page through the personal scrapbook of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to see how a scrapbook can represent the person who made it.

Lesson Description

Students will go to the Web site to view the Lewis Carroll scrapbook ( First, they will read introductory text about Lewis Carroll and the scrapbook. Next, they will electronically view the scrapbook, reading the various articles and notes in the book. Once they have finished viewing the Web site, students will create their own scrapbook page.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Students will use the Internet as a tool to review a historical document online.
  2. Students will analyze text and consider how people define themselves.
  3. Students will create their own scrapbook page, defining themselves through captions, images, and illustrations.

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