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Web Quest Lesson Plan


In this unit, students have explored the topic of heroes. In this lesson, they will learn about various people who are considered heroes. Students will also learn ways that they can become heroes. Students will complete the exercise by writing haiku poems about themselves and the heroes they read about.

Lesson Description

Students will go to the Web site Breaking Down the Walls ( They will read the introductory text on the homepage, and then choose three heroes to read about in the Hero Power section. Finally, students will read about different ways they can become heroes. Students will reflect by writing four haikus; one about themselves, and one for each hero they read about.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Students will interpret how other people define a hero and choose to agree or disagree with the definitions.
  2. Students will use the Internet to learn about famous historical figures that are considered heroes.
  3. Students will write four haikus in response to what they have read.

Example Haikus

(Sample haiku about Anne Frank)

A little girl hid
Writing her story each day
An inspiration

(Sample haiku about oneself)

Sometimes I see that
The world needs me to help it
So I try my best

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