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Why should you read? Signs tell you where to go. Comic books make you laugh. Books spark your imagination. Reading helps you learn about the world. You can read for entertainment or to learn new things. You can read letters from friends who live far away or magazine articles about people you’ve never met.

Do you watch television, listen to the radio, or use the Internet? If so, then you use informational media. Informational media are ways of sharing information with large groups of people.

Web Resources

Great Authors
This site has links to authors’ and illustrators’ homepages. All you have to do is click!

A Book for Every Season
Check out this website for books about holidays and special occasions.

On This Day in History Visit The History Channel website to find out what important events happened on this day in history.

Kids Read
This website has information about great books as well as games and trivia. You can also read reviews and author bios.

Greatest Places
This website has songs, images, videos, and audios from places around the globe. Use media to learn about new places.

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