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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.The reason that Richard and Janet are "former friends" at the beginning of the selection is that
A.Janet did not invite Richard to her birthday party.
B.Richard did not want Janet or any other girl on his baseball team.
C.Janet messed up Richard's comic books.
D.Richard would not give Janet back her Disneyland sweatshirt.

2.What was one favor Richard used to do for Janet that he said he wouldn't do anymore? her win the class election a place for her in their car pool
C.take her on rides with his family a seat for her on the bus

3.What does Richard recommend Janet do instead of thinking about baseball?
A.stick with ballet
B.form her own girls' team
C.take up knitting
D.find a different sport

4.When does Janet stop signing her letters as a "former friend"?
A.when Richard says he can let her catch
B.when Richard says she can pitch
C.when Richard says he didn't think she was the kind to kick a man when he's down
D.when Richard says she can play first base

5.At first, Janet's "package deal" includes all of the following EXCEPT
A.Ethel Kahn playing center field.
B.Janet pitching.
C.Lizzie Martindale as catcher.
D.Susan Reilly playing first base.

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