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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What did the Snack Squad discover about the price of hotdogs, soda, and peanuts at ball parks?
A.The price was between three and seven times more than the price at a food store.
B.Prices at the ballpark and at the food store were almost the same.
C.The price at the ballpark is twice as much as the price at a food store.
D.Prices at ballparks are so high because of the quality of the food.

2.What discovery did the Snack Squad make about what is included in the $2.50 paid for the hot dog at a ball park?
A.Most of the money goes to the wages of the vendors.
B.50 cents goes to the concession company as profit.
C.25 cents goes to the concession company for the hotdog and the fixings.
D.The biggest part of the $2.50 goes to the team and the owners of the stadium.

3.From looking at the food price scorecard, you can see that can buy 5 cooked hotdogs without buns for the same price as one cooked ballpark hotdog and bun. can get more than 4 times the amount of peanuts at the food store at the ball park price. get twice the amount of soda at the food store for the ball park price.
D.peanuts are the only item that costs almost the same as at the food store.

4.What happened when testers tried to bring food into the ballpark?
A.Any food they had was taken away.
B.They were asked to open their bags and only juice boxes were taken away.
C.They didn't have any food taken away.
D.At the turnstiles, the workers asked if people had food and, if not, let them go.

5.Which ads did one of the Snack Squad kids think were the sneakiest?
A.the ones that were on scorecards
B.the ones that appeared on the big screen TV after replays
C.the ones that advertised the baseball players eating the food
D.the ones that were on the backs of the seats

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