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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.The work that Robert Kohn did on his childhood obesity project included all of the following EXCEPT
A.creating a website for kids.
B.writing a research paper on the topic.
C.starting a student group at school to promote healthy activity.
D.creating an advisory council.

2.What was the main thing the advisory council helped Robert to do?
A.find information that would be useful for the website
B.write letters to lawmakers about childhood obesity
C.increase awareness at school of the problems of obesity
D.finish writing the research portion of the project

3.What did the action portion of Robert's project consist of?
A.writing school principals about the problems of obesity in the schools
B.speaking in classrooms about what can be done to prevent obesity
C.writing lawmakers, especially the ones supporting HB 81
D.having the professional who designed his website take it over

4.Cutting down on watching TV is suggested on what part of the activity pyramid?
A.the base
B.the top half
C.the lower half
D.the peak

5.According to the explanation of the Activity Pyramid, aerobics is best for
A.improving muscle flexibility
B.adding as many steps as possible to each day
C.your heart
D.strengthening muscles

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