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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.According to the article, one of the signs of how much children love J.K. Rowling's books is that
A.they sometimes read them instead of doing their homework.
B.many buy the books with their own money.
C.they read them even if they are not required for school.
D.many have asked for them as gifts.

2.What is one of the main reasons readers say they like the character of Harry Potter himself?
A.He is similar to other superheroes that they have liked.
B.He is always brave and is able to get away without getting in trouble.
C.He is an ordinary person but has the heart of a hero.
D.He is a fantastic figure but sometimes gets into trouble.

3.Why were many children concerned about what they heard would happen in Book 4?
A.They didn't want the series of books to end.
B.They liked Hermione and they didn't want the series to continue without her.
C.They were afraid that Harry, Ron, and Hermione wouldn't be friends anymore.
D.They liked Ron and didn't want him to be killed off.

4.Why do many people like the Weasleys and feel they can connect with them?
A.They are a poor family, but they work hard and are generous.
B.The Weasleys are able to create money with their magic, but they are very generous with it.
C.Even though they are poor, the characters in the story all like them.
D.They cast spells on people that make fun of them and so are able to maintain their own respect.

5.According to the selection, all of the following are true about Rowling's characters EXCEPT
A.Hermione is a smart girl, but she is also stubborn.
B.Harry can sometimes show jealousy and not be too caring of others.
C.Ron is loyal, but he is also unsure of himself.
D.Harry breaks rules, but he always tells grownups what they want to know.

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