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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.In order to make a kite you will need
A.two sticks equal in length. 1 foot stick and one 2 foot stick. 1 foot stick and one 3 foot stick. two foot stick and one three foot stick.

2.After you have an adult notch the ends of the stick with a knife, you should
A.tie a piece of string to the joint and wrap it around.
B.slot the string into the notches and pull it tight.
C.knot the two ends of string together.
D.make a cross with the sticks with the shorter stick a third of the way down the longer stick.

3.According to the selection, a good time to have your kite decorated is
A.before you make the bridle and after you cover the kite.
B.after you make the bridle.
C.after you have made the tail but are not yet ready to fly the kite.
D.before putting the string into the notches of the sticks.

4.When you are making the bridle, which step comes LAST?
A.Make a loop one-third of the way down the string and knot it.
B.Cut off any extra string.
C.Tie one end of the string around the top of the spine.
D.Cut a piece of string the length of two sides of the kite.

5.If you are trying to fly the kite and you are by yourself, you should
A.hold the kite in the air with your face to the wind.
B.walk forward into the wind, letting more string out as you go.
C.stand with your back to the wind and hold the kite in the air by the lower corner.
D.leave the winder on the ground as you walk back into the wind.

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