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Unit Assessment

1.The way text is organized to show the order in which things need to be done is called ____.

2.The details that back up the main idea are called the ____.

3.When you skim you read through a text quickly to get a general overview, and when you scan you look for key words or phrases.

4.Titles and subheads are both examples of text features.

5.The most important idea in a paragraph or selection is called the ____.

6.Which of the following statements best illustrates an author’s purpose for writing?
A.It looks as if the graphics here are giving me information comparing food prices at ballparks and at grocery stores.
B.These details seem to support the idea that there can be something dangerous about reading.
C.The titles and subtitles indicate that this selection will be about the increase in using instant messaging as a form of communication.
D.The author is trying to convince me that reading good books is a great way to spend my time.

7.The reading strategy you use to guide you through a text will depend mainly on
A.the main idea
B.the text features
C.your purpose for reading
D.the author’s purpose
Part 2: Vocabulary
Choose the letter of the word or phrase that best defines the underlined word.

8.Everyone thinks of Julie as quite resourceful.
A.knowing the right thing to say to find solutions to problems
C.never upset in any situation
D.eager to start conversations

9.Students were expected to monitor their own progress.
C.bring to a close to move faster

10.The family amassed a fortune.
A.lost over time
B.built up
C.divided up

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