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Did you know that when you read, you change the future? It’s true. When you read, you learn about ideas and issues that you can help to change. Topics that affect your community, state, and country get decided by politicians who work in Washington, D.C. and act on behalf of the citizens from their home state. How are politicians chosen to represent your state? By voters like you! When you vote, you help to elect politicians who share your ideas. Once elected, politicians can help pass laws about issues that are important to you. Voila! You’ve changed the future.

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PBS Kids Go: The Democracy Project ( ©

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Click on the link above. In the middle of the Web page, click on “How Does Government Affect Me?” Read the text on the left side of the page, and then click on different community buildings. After clicking on all of the buildings, go back to the home page by clicking on “The Democracy Project” at the top of the page. Next click on “Step Inside the Voting Booth.” Read the text and then click on each of the three boxes at the top of the page. Cast your vote and print out and sign your future voter’s card to show your teacher. Go back to the homepage and click on “Be President for a Day.” Click on “Apply For the Job” and fill out the application form. As the president, choose different activities to participate in at the White House. Finally, print out the newspaper article that tells about your day as president!

Once you have finished the Web site activities, answer the following questions:

1.Create a list of three ways that the government plays a role in your everyday life.

2.Answer the question “why is it important to vote?”

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