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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What was the rule about paddle ball that Paul did not know at the beginning of the selection?
A.that only two people could play at a time
B.that you could sign out paddles for only fifteen minutes per period
C.that you could play paddle ball during gym only once a week
D.that you had to sign out the paddles for paddle ball

2.Why was Nonno Frankie annoyed that the kids had carved on the tree?
A.He said they were killing the tree.
B.He didn't like the look of initials on the tree.
C.He didn't like the kids hanging around the tree.
D.He thought the kids should be doing their schoolwork.

3.Why did Nonno Frankie say, "Stab nail at ill Italian bats!" after Paul told him the whole story about the fight?
A.He wanted Paul to know that the fight was not a big deal.
B.It was a saying about getting back at someone who had injured you.
C.He wanted to see if Paul remembered what he had taught him about the sentence.
D.He didn't know what else to say because he felt sorry for Paul.

4.The techniques for fighting that Nonno Frankie taught Paul included all of the following EXCEPT
A.yelling like Tarzan.
B.making sure to cut your hair.
C.swinging the right fist forward as hard as you can.
D.kicking the other person in the shins.

5.What happened when Moose came forward to punch Paul?
A.Jennifer came from behind and kicked Moose.
B.Nonno Frankie came on the scene and defended Paul.
C.Miss Haines came and broke up the fight.
D.Paul's sister came, put her hands around Moose's neck, and threw him about ten feet.

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