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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Matt's friends used to call him "Spirit" mainly because
A.of his physical appearance and the white T-shirts he wore.
B.he was always a very lively person.
C.he was quiet and you never knew he was around.
D.he was the son of a minister.

2.What did Marley say was what held their group together?
A.coming from similar family situations
B.doing bad things
C.their lack of interest in school
D.the fact that they didn't tattle on each other

3.Why did Mary Beth finally let Matt in to see her father?
A.Matt said he was going to go in anyway and started to go in.
B.Matt told her that the whole class had elected him to come.
C.Marley talked her into it.
D.She was afraid of Matt and didn't know what he might do if she didn't let him in.

4.How did Matt's father convince him to go back to see Mr. Bataky when Mrs. Bataky asked if Matt could come back?
A.He told Matt how much it would mean to Mary Beth.
B.He convinced Matt that he was really a good person.
C.He dared him to go and Matt never refused a dare.
D.He told Matt that all his friends would look up to him if he went.

5.What happened to the gang once Matt decided he was really a good person?
A.They went on being a gang but excluded Matt.
B.They were happy for Matt and continued as a gang,
C.They broke up because there was nothing to hold them together.
D.They included Mary Beth in their gang.

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