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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.When his mother asked him what kind of jacket he wanted, what did the speaker ask for?
A.a light green jacket
B.a black leather jacket
C.a brown leather jacket
D.a denim jacket

2.How did the speaker end up with an L-shaped tear on the sleeve of his jacket?
A.He was so angry when he got the jacket, he ripped it himself.
B.One of the kids in his class ripped it.
C.He ripped it while trying to get it on.
D.His dog ripped it with his teeth.

3.What is one thing that happened to the speaker the first time he wore the jacket to sixth grade?
A.He tripped and fell during recess.
B.The girls told him how ugly his jacket was.
C.He got a D on a math quiz.
D.His teachers tried to be nicer to him.

4.What did the speaker's mother say when he showed her the cracks in his jacket?
A.She said she would sew them up.
B.She told him people in Mexico would love the jacket.
C.She told him they would buy another one soon.
D.She said she was tired of his complaints.

5.When his brother started to call the jacket "camouflage," what did the speaker do with the jacket?
A.He threw it over the fence and never used it again.
B.He ripped it up even more.
C.He threw it over the fence but picked it up later.
D.He hung it in his closet and never took it out again.

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