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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What happened in the life of Satchel Paige on July 9, 1948?
A.He delivered the first pitch of his baseball career.
B.He was the starting pitcher for the World Series.
C.He delivered his first pitch in a major league game.
D.He was the starting pitcher in a Negro league game.

2.What league were the Nashville Elite Giants and the Baltimore Black Sox part of?
A.the Negro leagues
B.the major leagues
C.the minor leagues
D.the farm club leagues

3.The ball that would always be where Satchel wanted it to be was called
A.a slider.
B.a trouble ball.
C.a "bee" ball.
D.a curve ball.

4.Which of the following was NOT one of the great white players that Satchel confronted when he was barnstorming?
A.Joe DiMaggio
B.Hank Aaron
C.Babe Ruth
D.Dizzy Dean

5.What was the honor that Satchel Paige received in 1948?
A.He was named Pitcher of the Year.
B.He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
C.He was named Rookie of the Year.
D.He was voted most valuable player.

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