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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.In the early years of her life, the only one that seemed to care for and love Eleanor Roosevelt was
A.her mother.
B.her grandmother.
C.her brother Hall.
D.her father.

2.Why did Eleanor leave the boarding school in Allenswood in 1902?
A.Her grandmother thought she should enter society as a debutante.
B.She was not getting very good grades.
C.She did not like the school or London, so she decided to return to her grandmother's house.
D.She missed having a social life and wanted to have more friends.

3.What was the purpose of the WTUL? list duties people owed their countries help those without food during the Depression support soldiers during World War I help with the problems of working women

4.When Franklin Roosevelt was sworn in as president, what was the situation of the nation?
A.World War I was going on.
B.The nation was facing its deepest depression.
C.It was a time of economic prosperity.
D.Workers were happy with their wages.

5.After Franklin died, what position did Harry Truman want Eleanor to take?
A.Secretary of State
B.Secretary of Labor
C.delegate to begin the work of the United Nations
D.head of the Red Cross

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