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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why were the classrooms in Puerto Rico painted yellow and green at the time Judith went to school ?
A.They were the colors of the Puerto Rican flag.
B.That showed they were government property.
C.That identified them as private schools.
D.They were the colors of academic institutions in the U.S.

2.At Judith's school
A.everyone was required to have one class in English per day.
B.all of the classes were taught in English.
C.students were not allowed to speak Spanish during the school day.
D.students had one English class per week.

3.Why was Judith a privileged child in her teacher's eyes?
A.She was the daughter of a teacher.
B.She had lived in New York.
C.Her grandparents were important people in Puerto Rico.
D.Her family had a lot of money.

4.According to Judith, what raised people into a "niche" of status in Puerto Rico at the time?
A.the fact that they made a lot of money
B.the type of house they lived in
C.their professions
D.their family ties in the United States

5.How did the black boy in Judith's class also come to be the teacher's pet?
A.He did anything to win a smile.
B.The teacher knew he was connected to the speaker's family somehow.
C.He picked up English faster than the other students.
D.The teacher knew his grandmother very well.

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