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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why was Marta especially interested in getting the scholarship jacket?
A.It was her only chance at getting a school jacket since she couldn't participate in sports.
B.Her older sister had won it a few years back and she wanted to make sure she did not disappoint her parents.
C.She had joined the basketball team, but after playing a few games, she was not considered good enough to stay on.
D.She wanted to show her teachers that she was good for something.

2.What was Marta doing when she heard the two teachers arguing about who should be the valedictorian?
A.She was on her way to her math class.
B.She was going back to pick up her gym shorts from Mr. Boone's classroom.
C.She was on her way to the principal's office.
D.She was walking down the hall because she had decided not to go to PE since she didn't have her gym shorts.

3.In what way did Marta try to "not make it any easier" for the principal when she was called to the office?
A.She refused to say anything when he explained the new policy.
B.She told him he was going to have to talk to her grandfather himself.
C.She looked him straight in the eye as he told her about the new policy.
D.She refused to leave the office until he told her why there was a new policy.

4.Why did Marta's grandfather say he would not give her the fifteen dollars?
A.He said they did not have that kind of money.
B.He thought if she had earned it by getting the highest grades, she shouldn't have to pay for it.
C.He did not think it was important for Marta to have the jacket.
D.He wanted to teach Marta that being at the top of the class is not the most important thing.

5.When did the principal finally decide that Marta would get the jacket?
A.when Marta said that they would have to give the jacket to Joann
B.right after Marta told him what her grandfather had said
C.the day of the graduation
D.right after his first meeting with Marta

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