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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.At the beginning of the selection, what kind of work was the narrator doing?
A.picking cotton stables
C.weeding in the fields
D.picking strawberries

2.Why did the narrator's father think that the original owner of his car must have been important?
A.The owner kept the car very clean.
B.He found a brief case with papers inside it in the car.
C.The car was big enough for their whole family.
D.He found a blue necktie behind the rear seat.

3.Why did the narrator's father tell the children to hide when he sees the school bus?
A.He didn't want anyone to notice that they were taking a break from work.
B.He didn't want them getting into trouble for not being in school.
C.He thought others would come to get the children to work at another farm.
D.He didn’t want his children to wish they could be in school instead of working.

4.When was the narrator able to start school in Fresno?
A.when the cotton season was over September at the beginning of the school year
C.when the grape season was over
D.after he had made enough money for the family

5.What did the narrator discover when he came home one Friday after talking to Mr. Lema about music?
A.His family was all packed up, ready to move again.
B.His younger siblings had missed him when he was at school.
C.He had to go back to working at the vineyard the next week.
D.His parents did not want him going to school anymore.

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