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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.How did the narrator's family pay for their trip across America?
A.They saved money for several years just for the trip.
B.Her father had won a photography contest and had won the trip as a prize.
C.They went only to the cheapest areas, so they were able to go with the money the family had made during the year.
D.Her father arranged to photograph buildings and parks across America as part of his freelance work.

2.Why did the family go to the house in Atlanta?
A.Mr. McNeeley was a relative of the family.
B.The two families had gotten to know each other on other trips.
C.The narrator's father knew Mr. McNeeley and went there to photograph the house.
D.The narrator's father was asked to go there by one of the companies he worked for.

3.Why did the family stay at a campground outside Atlanta the night before arriving at the McNeeleys' house?
A.It was late and they didn't want to bother the McNeeleys at that hour.
B.The narrator's mother wanted everyone to clean up before arriving at the McNeeleys.
C.The narrator's father had some extra work to do before arriving at the house.
D.They liked camping better than being at nice houses, so they decided to wait one more night.

4.What did the narrator notice as she was watching Annie work in the kitchen that she found strange?
A.that Annie did not seem to like working for the McNeeleys
B.that Annie drank water out of a jar instead of a glass
C.that Annie didn't like having other people in the kitchen while she worked
D.that Annie didn’t talk at all

5.What question remained in the narrator's mind at the end of the selection?
A.why people like the McNeeleys employed black people
B.why everyone went along with something that didn't make sense
C.why her father was so happy to be back on the open road
D.why they had stayed at the house of a family like the McNeeleys anyway

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