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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.One fact in the article about the amount of paper that people use is that
A.the paper that four people use in a day weighs as much as a big car.
B.the paper that an average American uses in a year can be piled as high as a big car. make all the paper that Americans use, we use more than a billion trees.
D.the paper that is used by the average American in a day can be stacked up to the height of an elephant's eye.

2.The article tells us that when paper is recycled is mixed with other materials that make it into pulp. is shredded and mashed into a glop called pulp. can be turned back into paper, but not the kind that can be used for newspapers. is not as useful as new paper, but at least it saves trees.

3.According to the article, what are some materials that cannot be recycled?
A.shiny paper
B.cereal boxes
C.newspapers bundled together
D.paper with cardboard attached to it

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