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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why did the fisherman leave each morning with a breath of song and return each evening with a whistle on his lips?
A.He was very happy as a fisherman and didn't need anything more out of life.
B.He was content because he and his wife had all they needed to eat.
C.He thought life could be much worse for him and his wife and that they were lucky to have all that they did.
D.Like his wife, he was sad that they didn't have a child, but he didn't want his wife to see his grief.

2.When the fisherman's wife saw him coming toward the house with the bundle in his hand
A.she was excited because she knew it was a selchie.
B.she was afraid because he was coming home early with no shirt on and the bundle in his hand.
C.she didn't want him to come in because she knew he was carrying something from the sea.
D.she was upset because she thought he was not going to be bringing anything to eat that day.

3.Why did the couple decide to call the child "Greyling"?
A.because he came to them on a grey and stormy day
B.because he was grey when he was a seal
C.because of the great grey cliffs that surrounded the area where they lived
D.because his hair and his eyes were the color of the sky when a storm is coming

4.What happened when a storm came to the town from the North?
A.The fisherman and his wife were afraid that the rain would turn Greyling back into a seal.
B.The fisherman was drowning in the sea and none of the townspeople were willing to help him.
C.Greyling saw the fisherman drowning, but he did not want to leave the his mother alone.
D.The townspeople tried to save the fisherman, but they were not able to succeed.

5.What made the townspeople think that the boy had certainly drowned?
A.They saw no sign of him again.
B.The fisherman told them that he drowned trying to save him.
C.They found Greyling's shirt and shoes.
D.They had seen him gasping for help as he tried to save his father.

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