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Unit Assessment

Part I: Key Reading Skills and Key Literary Elements

1.Choose the statement that best illustrates a problem and solution.
A.It looks as if only this group has the opinion that a dress code is not necessary in high school.
B.If I understand the advertisement correctly, this drink will provide the nourishment I need when I go from one activity to the next.
C.I understand how the narrator felt when she says she hated people staring at her family when they pulled into a gas station.
D.Marta realizes that she might not get the scholarship jacket even though she deserves it. She has decided to tell her grandfather everything and see if she can still get the jacket.

2.If a writer gives an opinion based on only one side of the story without giving facts to prove the point, he or she is showing a bias.

3.The tone of a selection is the author’s choice and arrangement of words in sentences.

4.Choose the statement below that is a fact.
A.Saving our trees is the most important environmental concern in this century.
B.Making all the paper that Americans use in a year takes more than a billion trees.
C.The wooden baseball bat is one of America’s best loved symbols.
D.In “The Circuit” it was unfair that Panchito couldn’t go back to school and start learning music.

5.A general and often negative view of a group of people is called a ___.

6.Choose the statement below that could be considered an inference.
A.When Panchito came home from school, he saw everything packed in boxes. It looked as if his family must move again, probably because his father needs to go elsewhere to find work.
B.I’m not sure I understand which teacher wants Marta to receive the scholarship jacket. Let me read that paragraph over again.
C.I think it is unfair that the teacher accused Rachel of leaving her sweater in the closet based on what one of the other students said.
D.I can't be convinced that if major league baseball changes from wooden bats to aluminum bats, we will have lost our way as a nation.

7.The overall feeling that a write creates in a selection is called the.

Part 2: Vocabulary
Choose the answer that best defines the underlined word.

8.She walked into the teacher’s office timidly.

9.I cleaned up my room grudgingly.

10.The boy reacted instinctively to the false accusation.
C.with anger
D.without thinking

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