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What makes you different from the person sitting next to you? Is it the way you talk? What you believe in? No one in the world is exactly like you. Reading about other people and what makes them special can help you figure out what is special about you.

Poetry is a special type of literature that is written in verse-lines instead of running text. Some poems tell stories and others explore feelings. Some have steady beat and rhyme patterns, and others are written in free verse. Reading and writing poetry is a great way to understand what makes you you.

Web Resources

For Your Health
Growing up can be hard. This website offers stories about growing up by students your age. Read how to stay healthy, while dealing with some important issues.

A “Zip” in Your Step
Being yourself means taking care of yourself. This site gives you advice for keeping you “zip.”

Helping Your Community
Put your unique talents to use. This website has suggestions for getting involved in your community.

Work Your Brain
Do you like puzzles and games? Do you like to cook? How do you feel about science? Whatever your interests, this website probably has some tips for you.

Culture and You
This website takes you on a tour around the world and offers links to information about different cultures. You can learn about your culture and the culture of your friends and neighbors.

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