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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.According to the poem, what do daydreamers let the world do?
A.They let the world take them away from their dreaming.
B.They let the world calm down while they are dreaming.
C.They let the world get in the way of their dreams.
D.They let the world get itself dizzy without them.

2.What happens when children daydreaming watch their memories?
A.They see more than they saw before.
B.They see less than they saw before.
C.The memories they see are very faded.
D.They have a hard time recalling events.

3.According to the poem, what will happen to daydreamers after they have been dreaming?
A.They will be able to go back into the world unchanged.
B.They will suffer from having let go of the world around them.
C.They will not be the same.
D.They will feel they have stepped back into life after dreaming.

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