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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why didn't the Lins have the dip that was on the relish tray with the raw vegetables?
A.The Chinese usually don't care much for dairy.
B.They noticed no one else was taking it.
C.They weren't sure what to do with it.
D.They were already having a hard enough time eating the celery.

2.When Meg saw the narrator the following day, what was the only reference she made to the dinner party?
A.It must have been hard to eat raw vegetables.
B.Meg could understand why they didn't take the dip.
C.Meg hoped they had enough to eat.
D.Meg hoped they weren't embarrassed about the dining room chairs.

3.How did the narrator's brother end up learning English faster than she did?
A.He spent a lot of time with boys who were teaching him baseball.
B.He took his studies more seriously than she did.
C.His approach to learning English was to avoid making mistakes.
D.He practiced more than she did, listening to the radio and watching television.

4.What worry did the narrator have that her brother did not have?
A.She had a lot of responsibility for the cooking at home.
B.She had to worry about her appearance.
C.She was in many more social situations than her brother and wasn't sure about appropriate manners.
D.She had to worry about being accepted by Meg's family.

5.What did Meg and the narrator do for dessert the night the Gleasons came to their house for dinner?
A.They went into the kitchen and had ice cream from the freezer.
B.They went upstairs to the narrator's room and ate their fruit.
C.They went to a Dairy Queen up the street.
D.They decided not to have dessert and went outside.

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