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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.When Geraldine's mother first got sick and went away, Geraldine was on her own except for when
A.her sister Anita came in on weekends to be with her.
B.her father came to visit her.
C.Miss Gladys came to clean and make dinner on Thursdays.
D.Mrs. Watson came to make dinner.

2.What did Geraldine realize when she saw the furniture and boxes outside her building?
A.that her neighborhood was poor and dirty
B.that Mrs. Watson was going to have to move
C.that she and her sister had to leave the apartment
D.that Miss Gladys was being put out on the street

3.What was Geraldine thinking about during her geometry class?
A.the fact that she never had time to do her geometry homework
B.being able to move somewhere where she could have her own room
C.what the others in her class thought about her being poor
D.what she could write for her poem in English class

4.What was the main reason Geraldine had not done her English homework?
A.She had planned to do it at lunchtime, but she forgot when she saw the furniture outside her apartment.
B.She couldn't think of anything to write.
C.She had hoped to stop at a library to get some ideas, but she never made it there.
D.She had missed class and was not sure what the assignment was.

5.Geraldine told Mrs. Scott that there was nothing lovely in her life because of all of the following EXCEPT
A.she hadn't seen a flower since Mother's Day.
B.the only things that came to her were the rain and the bills and the men to move out furniture.
C.the sun didn't even shine on her side of the street.
D.her father didn't even come to visit anymore.

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