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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.The main aspect of Janette Elizabeth's appearance that Elizabeth envies is
A.her blond hair.
B.her weight.
C.her height.
D.her complexion.

2.Where did Elizabeth find out about the freckle cream?
A.Her cousin told her she used it.
B.She saw an ad for it in the back pages of a magazine.
C.She overheard her mother mention it in a conversation.
D.She saw it sitting on a shelf at her cousin's house.

3.What did Elizabeth do when the package arrived?
A.She opened the box and applied the cream as soon as possible.
B.She waited to put the cream on until right before she went to bed.
C.She waited until the next day to put the cream on.
D.She left the box unopened until the next day.

4.Why did Elizabeth end up with more freckles after she used the freckle cream?
A.She had applied too much cream.
B.She was in the sun all day, and the cream had the opposite effect if exposed to the sun.
C.She didn't realize she had bought a kind of cream that was not meant to cover freckles.
D.She had not used enough cream.

5.What did Elizabeth's grandfather do to make her feel better?
A.He gave her a flower that had "freckles."
B.He reminded her that she was not the only one in the family with freckles.
C.He told her not to feel bad because everyone makes mistakes.
D.He told her he actually liked how her freckles made her look.

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