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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What are genes made up of?
A.They are made up of living cells.
B.They are made up of a chemical called DNA.
C.They are made up of blood cells.
D.They are made up of nerve endings.

2.According to the selection, all of the following are discoveries that scientists have made about heredity EXCEPT
A.There are about 30,000 genes in every cell of your body.
B.All living things have DNA.
C.Traits such as hitchhiker's thumb are becoming more common.
D.Unless you are an identical twin, there is no one exactly like you.

3.According to the poem, what really runs the show in a cell?
C.the nucleus
D.the genes

4.Which of the following is a characteristic of chromosomes?
A.Each person gets 46 of them from mom and 46 from dad.
B.They always come in pairs.
C.They are in the shape of a triangle.
D.They are made of several nuclei.

5.G, C, A, and T are the names given to
B.the bases of DNA.
C.the cells that hold DNA.
D.the DNA that is in plants.

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