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Unit Assessment

Part I: Key Reading Skills and Key Literary Elements

1.Personification, simile, and metaphor are all examples of
A.rhythm and meter.
B.sound devices.
C.poetic features.
D.figurative language.

2.All of the following are ways of monitoring comprehension EXCEPT
A.using context clues and footnotes.
B.questioning important ideas, characters, and events.
C.making a judgment based on your own understanding of the world.
D.rereading a passage one sentence at a time.

3.Rhythm and alliteration are used as sound devices that create sound patterns and emphasize words or ideas.

4.When you try to picture in your mind what a writer is describing, you are using the reading skill of
D.monitoring comprehension.

5.The use of figurative language is what makes poetry different from prose.

6.When you use your own understanding of the world to decide what events or ideas in a selection mean, you are using the skill of ___.

7.Choose the statement that best illustrates the skill of responding to a text.
A.Let me reread this section so I can understand what the writer is trying to say.
B.I find it interesting that this poem makes me feel how painful war can be.
C.The writer of this selection is using figurative language.
D.I can see from the footnote that the three places mentioned are places where the soldiers fought some of the battles.

Part 2: Vocabulary
Choose the answer that best defines the underlined word.

8.He gave the pretense of being interested in the subject.
B.sincere look
C.strong feeling
D.intelligent look

9.The fireworks lasted an hour, and we watched the spectacle.
A.dangerous sight
B.eye-catching display
C.bright colors
D.boring vision

10.The mayor is coping with many problems.
B.trying to handle
C.making other people solve
D.not aware of

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