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There is no one quite like you. The way you live your life, the people who are important to you, and the ideas you value make you a unique person. Being unique is important. The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone you met looked the same, talked the same, and had the same opinions. Meeting new people makes life more interesting. In this lesson, you will use the Internet to learn about someone new.

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Lewis Carroll scrapbook (

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Lewis Carroll was an author in the mid-1800s. His most famous work was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll made a scrapbook recording the important moments and accomplishments of his life. The scrapbook is now available to be viewed online. As you page through Carroll’s scrapbook look for clues that tell you what kind of person Lewis Carroll was.

Click on the link above. Scroll down until you see “Special Presentations” and click on “Essay.” Read the essay about the Lewis Carroll scrapbook. Next, click on the image of Lewis Carroll and his scrapbook. Under the image is a numbered list. Click on “Cover” after number one. View the scrapbook by clicking on the “Next Image” link at the bottom of each page. Click on “View Text” towards the top of the page to the read what is written on that page of the scrapbook. The “Notes” link provides informational material about Carroll Lewis and why he may have chosen certain items for his scrapbook. To return to the scrapbook, click on the back arrow button of the toolbar.

1.Once you finish viewing the Lewis Carroll scrapbook, you will design a page for your own scrapbook. On a blank sheet of paper, tape or glue images from magazines, newspapers, photographs or drawings. Add stickers, write original text, or create original art. Put anything you like on the page, just make sure that the page represents what makes you who you are. When you are finished, hang your page on the wall next to your classmates’. Without looking at names, can you tell which page represents which classmate?

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