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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Which of the following is true about the kids who were asked how often they had been bullied?
A.Most of them were bullied every week.
B.Most of them had never been bullied.
C.About half said they were bullied once in a while but not every week.
D.7% were bullied every day.

2.After asking how many of them were bullies themselves, it became obvious that
A.most kids bully others quite often.
B.there are only a few bullies.
C.some kids who are bullies are also bullied themselves.
D.most kids don't admit they are bullies.

3.What do about half of the kids who get bullied do when a bully bothers them? to an adult
B.walk away and do nothing
C.try to talk to the bully
D.fight back

4.What did most kids say they do when they see someone being bullied?
A.They say or do something to stop it.
B.They don't do anything.
C.They join in.
D.They tell someone who could help.

5.What did Dr. Lyness say kids could do to support each other?
A.They could hang out more with the ones who are bullies.
B.They could let bullies know that their treatment of others is uncool.
C.They could refuse to deal with bullies.
D.They could help each other fight back if necessary.

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