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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.At the beginning of the selection, the advice that June's mother gave her was basically
A.don't try to make friends or you will only get into trouble.
B.if you need to fight back, at least don't do it alone.
C.if others bother you, just let an adult know.
D.if you smile at the world, the world will smile back at you.

2.Why didn't June like to look at the clock or listen to the radio?
A.They reminded her of the swimming pool.
B.They were always telling the date and the time.
C.They didn't work well and reminded her that she and her mom did not have much money.
D.They reminded her of the fact that her mother would be leaving for work again on Monday.

3.Why did June and her mother end up moving?
A.They were evicted from their apartment.
B.June's mother wanted her daughter to be closer to school.
C.June's mother found an apartment where they could be trouble-shooters and live rent free.
D.June's mother lost her job at the pot factory.

4.Why was June so quiet when she and her mother went into the new apartment building?
A.She missed her old apartment and neighborhood.
B.She had seen the Other June sitting on the stoop of a house right near theirs.
C.She did not like the look of their new place.
D.She did not like the people that were helping them to move in.

5.At the end of the story, June
A.told the Other June to stop bullying her.
B.kicked the Other June.
C.made friends with the Other June.
D.told her mother she was being bullied.

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