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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.How did Monk Klutter make money off of other students if he never touched money in public?
A.He had students leave money in his locker.
B.The other kids in the gang collected the money for him.
C.He made other students pay for everything for him.
D.He had a place outside of the school where he forced kids to leave money.

2.Why were there some cases of malnutrition among some of the new kids at the school?
A.They were not allowed in the cafeteria because they had been slow to hand money over to Monk's gang.
B.They had been forced to collect some money for the gang and so the school barred them from the cafeteria.
C.They were afraid to go into the cafeteria because they did not want to run into Monk or any of his gang.
D.They had to keep giving their lunches over to Monk or members of his gang.

3.What did Priscilla pretend she didn't know when she attacked the Kobra that was bullying Melvin?
A.that the Kobra was a gang member
B.that most people were afraid to stand up to Kobras
C.that Melvin himself had worked with the Kobras before
D.who the Kobra leader was

4.How did Monk want to handle the case with Priscilla?
A.He wanted all the gang members with him.
B.He wanted Melvin to get away so he and his gang could face Priscilla.
C.He wanted to handle the case with Priscilla by himself.
D.He wanted just one gang member with him to back him up.

5.How did Priscilla end up defeating Monk?
A.She knocked him to the ground, and he became unconscious.
B.She and Melvin pinned him against the lockers and made him promise not to touch them again.
C.She got him in a headlock and brought him down to the principal's office.
D.She locked him inside a locker.

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