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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What did the National Threat Center find out about most of the 37 violent acts in schools that they studied?
A.Most violent acts in schools take place in 6th or 7th grade.
B.Most of the victims of violence were physically weaker than the ones attacking them.
C.Most of the attackers had also felt attacked or injured by others.
D.Most of the violent acts took place outside of school hours.

2.What is new about bullying nowadays compared to the past according to Don Lee?
A.It is much more widespread than it used to be.
B.It is happening at younger and younger ages.
C.It is causing kids to take actions that we never dreamed of.
D.It is affecting academic performance much more than in the past.

3.At McNair Elementary in Missouri, what is the final response in the step-by-step verbal response program?
A.I'm going to get help.
B.I don't like it when you do that.
C.I'm going to ask you to stop.
D.If you stop now, I won't have to take action.

4.In the tips for Bully Busters, what does it say you should do when entering places where bullies may be hanging out?
A.Make sure there is an adult around.
B.Make sure to be with friends.
C.Go in alone so it does not look like you are ganging up on someone.
D.Bring someone with you who is stronger than you in case someone gets violent.

5.According to "Bully Busters," taking up martial arts can be helpful for all of the following reasons EXCEPT can make you feel safer. can give you confidence. can stop someone who is violent with little physical contact. shows bullies that you can also be violent if you want to be.

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