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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why didn't Sally want her mother to marry Mr. Grossman?
A.She didn't want her classmates to know her mother was married to another teacher.
B.She was afraid she might end up with her stepfather as her teacher.
C.She couldn't stand the thought of having Tina Grossman as her stepsister.
D.She didn't want to have anyone else take the place of her own father who had died.

2.Which part of the plan for the day in the city did Sally think might not actually be so bad?
A.the musical on Broadway
B.the nice restaurant
C.having Tina sleep over
D.the baseball game

3.After the Broadway musical, how did Sally and Tina act in the car?
A.Sally immediately went back to being quiet and sat as close to the other window as possible.
B.They were a little more friendly with each other and conversed with each other.
C.Tina went back to being quiet and sat all the way on the other side of the seat.
D.Tina was friendly with Sally's mother but not with Sally.

4.When was the first time that Tina called Sally by her name? they were going back to the car after the Broadway musical
B.right after the baseball game
C.right after her father said goodbye to Sally's mother
D.after they had gotten into bed after their day in the city

5.Why did Sally stop trying to make Tina own up to the fact that she was afraid of the dark?
A.She was afraid Tina was going to deck her.
B.She thought Tina might be feeling a little embarrassed.
C.She thought that Tina might tell the people at school about her mother dating the German teacher.
D.She realized that she herself was also afraid of the dark so it was not fair to make Tina feel bad about it.

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