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Most people get bullied at least once in their lives. Sometimes the bullying comes from a family member or a friend. Other times, people are bullied by complete strangers. Why do bullies hurt people? Some researchers suggest that it’s because the bullies themselves feel insecure. By picking on other people, bullies feel powerful and in control. There are several ways to be bullied: the most common are physical abuse and name calling.

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It’s My Life: Bullies (

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Click on the link above and read through the text. At the bottom of each section is a link to the next section (for example, the link on the first page is the words in bold, “Who’s A Bully?”). Read all of the pages about bullying. Next click on the link “Here’s What Others Said” on the left side under the “You Said It” column. Read the quotes and then click on the “Back to Bullies” link. To the right of the page are three boxes titled “Play It,” “Vote Now,” and “Watch It.” Start with “Watch It” and watch the video of kids who have bullied or been bullied. Then check out the “Vote Now” link and finally, play the game under “Play It.”

After you have explored the Web site, answer the following questions based on what you read:

1.Describe one reason why people bully.

2.List three reasons why people get bullied.

3.What are the three different kinds of bullying?

4.What advice would you offer someone who is being bullied?

5.Name two things you can do to prevent being bullied.

6.What should you do if you see someone being bullied?

7.What advice would you give to a bully who wants to change his or her ways?

8.If you have been bullied, should you tell an adult?

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