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Do you know a hero? A hero has strength and ability to make great achievements. Heroes live admirably and demonstrate courage. Does this sound like anyone you know? Reading about courage and bravery can help you realize the heroes in your life.

A folktale is a story that is told over many generations. Folktales are told for entertainment and to teach lessons. A fantasy is a story that takes place in a world much different from our own. Myths are stories about gods and goddesses. These genres of literature will help you to answer the Unit 6 Big Question.

Web Resources

Great Women
This website is about great women in history. The site includes biographies of heroic women in the fields of entertainment, politics, sciences, and medicine.

Hero Stories
A hero doesn’t have to be a person- animals often display heroic traits. Visit this website to learn about some unlikely heroes.

Heroism in Action
Can you be a hero? This website tells how you can make a difference by using your personal strengths.

Explore Folktales
This website includes folktales from Scotland, Iceland, Finland, Italy, and Brittany. The site also provides background information about the tales and a photo gallery.

American Folklore
This site focuses on American folktales and legends. You’ll find ghost stories, animal stories, Native American stories, and tales about different American states and regions.

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