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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.The reason Ron Wegner spent 25 minutes with the 83-year old woman with the bruise on her hand was that
A.the wound was more serious than it appeared.
B.the woman said she had gotten bruised before and it turned out she had to go to the hospital.
C.the woman was lonely and just needed someone to talk to.
D.the woman was keeping him informed of other people who had been injured.

2.What did Jim Williams see on his way to work the morning of Hurricane Charley that made him cry?
A.fallen trees all over the place
B.people caught under trees that had fallen
C.houses knocked down by fallen trees that had collapsed because of the storm

3.Jim Williams made a pledge to help people when
A.he was diagnosed with lymphoma as a child.
B.his daughter Leah was born with a fatal illness.
C.his wife got a form of cancer.
D.his son was ill with lymphoma at age 6.

4.One of the reasons it was a heroic deed for Melissa Baldwin to save the guests and employees in the motel was
A.the storm had started an electrical fire yet she was not afraid to stay in the building.
B.she was prone to heart attacks in stressful situations.
C.she already had been cut by broken glass.
D.she was prone to epileptic seizures that could be brought on by stress.

5.The results of Baldwin's rescue efforts were that
A.all 56 guests in the motel were saved.
B.everyone was saved but one woman and a 112-year-old man. one was saved.
D.56 guests were saved but Melissa came out injured.

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