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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.What terrible deed did Hercules do that he wanted to make up for?
A.He killed his own parents.
B.Hera made him think he was at war, and he killed his nephews and nieces, thinking they were enemies.
C.Hera made him kill his best friend.
D.Hera put it into his mind that his brothers and sisters wanted to kill him, so he killed them first.

2.King Eurystheus sent his servants to tell Hercules his second task because
A.he saw Hercules running toward him to kill him.
B.he was frightened when he saw Hercules with the lion skin.
C.he was angry with Hercules and did not want to see him.
D.he heard Hercules had killed the lion, so did not want to see him again.

3.How did Hercules finally stop the heads of the hydra from continuing to sprout up?
A.One of his nephews lit a branch on fire and held it against the neck stubs.
B.Hercules held one hand around the neck and chopped off the other heads.
C.His nephew tore off the central head, and then Hercules did the rest.
D.Hercules put a rock on top of each neck stub after knocking off each head.

4.How did Hercules' friend Pholos, the centaur, die?
A.He was killed in the cross fire when the centaurs were fighting Hercules.
B.The wine that Hercules dropped turned into a poison blood that touched Pholos.
C.An arrow from one of the dead centaurs came loose and pierced Pholos's flesh.
D.One of the angry centaurs killed him because he was a friend of Hercules.

5.Which of the following events happened first?
A.Hercules brought the three-headed dog, Cerberus, to King Eurystheus.
B.Hercules took the branch with the apples from the Garden of the Hesperides.
C.Hercules carried away the bull Poseidon gave to King Minos in Crete.
D.Hercules was able to get the sword-belt from the queen of the Amazons.

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