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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why did Pecos Bill's family decide to move?
A.It was too lonely where they lived.
B.They thought it was getting too crowded.
C.There wasn't enough to eat around where they lived.
D.Pecos Bill's father had lost his job.

2.What did the cowpoke point out to Pecos Bill to prove that he was not "varmint"?
A.Bill did not have a tail.
B.Bill was able to talk.
C.Bill didn't really have fleas.
D.Bill was able to walk on two feet.

3.What happened when Bill asked who was the boss of the Hell's Gate Gang?
A.No one wanted to admit who was the boss.
B.The boss pulled a gun out and pointed it at Pecos Bill.
C.They appointed Bill as the boss immediately.
D.They all ran away because they were frightened of Bill.

4.How was Death Valley created?
A.It was created by the twister that ran across Texas.
B.Bill fell off the funnel of the cyclone, and Death Valley was created where he landed.
C.Bill lassoed the cyclone and sent it to California, where it sank the earth two hundred feet below sea level.
D.It was created by the flood in New Mexico.

5.What happened when Bill tried to lasso Sue back to earth?
A.He fell off the Widow Maker and fell to the ground.
B.His lasso was not able to reach her.
C.He got pulled up with her instead of pulling her down.
D.His lasso fell out of his hands.

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