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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why did the cobbler and his family stand in the back by the door at the meeting with the king about the dragon?
A.They thought there had been some mistake and the king didn't really want them there.
B.They knew that the dragon would get back at the king for having a meeting and were afraid to be seen there.
C.They thought it was worthless to try to kill the dragon.
D.They didn't want the king to ask them to kill the dragon.

2.Why did the king tell the wizard not to bother changing his wife back after he made her into a rosebush?
A.He didn't like his wife and figured she was better off that way.
B.He was afraid she might become a rattlesnake and they would have to chop her head off.
C.He didn't like his wife's advice, so he thought it better that she couldn't talk.
D.He thought a rosebush might be of use in killing the dragon.

3.What mistake did both the eldest and the middle son make that caused their downfall?
A.Neither of them realized how strong the dragon was.
B.They both ignored their father's advice.
C.Neither of them brought weapons to try to kill the dragon.
D.Neither of them knew that a sword was not strong enough to kill a dragon.

4.What did the two older brothers do when their brother saved their lives?
A.They became jealous because they knew the princess liked him.
B.They didn't want to help him gather the treasures from the dragon's cave.
C.They didn't like him because they knew he would get all the attention for having killed the dragon.
D.They were grateful to him and helped gather the treasures in the dragon's cave.

5.What did they find in the dragon's cave that ended up being helpful in breaking the spell on the queen?
A.boxes of jewels and chests of money
B.silver compasses and maps old book with a picture of an owl on the cover
D.silver spoons

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